Amazon Prime Video – The Tomorrow War

To support the launch of the highly-anticipated sci-fi action film, The Tomorrow War, Tool and Prime Video staged and documented…

Director - Tool Experience

Amazon Prime VideoThe Tomorrow War


To support the launch of the highly-anticipated sci-fi action film, The Tomorrow War, Tool and Prime Video staged and documented a global invasion of the alien species known only as White Spikes.

In the US, a headline-grabbing military convoy transporting the captured Queen White Spike turns heads across LA and the internet with soldier escort, a custom fabricated armored vehicle from the future, practical effects, and live alien theatrics.

In this 4 day stunt, Tool created a head-turning spectacle that drove public reaction across Los Angeles and PR mentions around the world while captivating fans of sci-fi/action, Chris Pratt, and Yvonne    Strahovski. The event created buzzworthy social engagement and attracted a strong audience for the film release day on Prime Video.

The Military Convoy

Tool fabricated a 3 vehicle military convoy from the future and attached a custom container that transported the Queen White Spike around Los Angeles. The main vehicle transported the Queen White Spike within a cargo container mounted on the rear.

The Queen White Spike

The White Spikes are a race of predatorial aliens that run on four legs, have clawed forearms, and two long tentacle-like arms that terminate in pincers extending from their backs. They move at high speed and use their limbs to destroy their prey, namely, humans. The Queen White Spike is the largest, most cunning and ferocious of the race.

Tool stimulated the emergence of these telltale tentacles, grasping and snapping for a target as the container travels through Los Angeles. The Queen White Spike tentacle is able to intelligently react to the presence and action of nearby humans. It alternates between “attract mode” (high activity and volume) to “photo op mode” which allows the public to approach and capture content.

Street Theater

The White Spike containment team consisted of military commanders, foot soldiers and a news crew that is inspired by the film. Along the route, critical supply stops must be made in civilian-held areas of the LA basin.

While stopped, the public may catch a glimpse of the Queen White Spike, who is “completely secure and under heavy sedation”. Though the creature has been known to metabolize the sedative and awaken into periodic rages.

To support the war effort, the soldiers will be recruiting the public along the route. The news crew is also on the scene, shooting BTS and interviewing the public.

Teaser Film

By setting the White Spike invasion on the 4th of July, we linked the activation story to the film. We released a short teaser film on social media, giving fans a sneak peek at our vehicle, the Queen White Spike, as well as the activation dates. In addition, we encourage fans to post your own White Spike Sighting and drive to the exclusive Instagram filter.

The Tomorrow War Premiere

To start PR and headlines, we brought the White Spike to the Tomorrow War global premiere, where we leveraged talent and press to create a buzzworthy social engagement. The vehicle was positioned at the end of the red carpet, creating a branded photo moment for the evening.

As the night proceeds, the vehicle gives hints that it isn’t empty. A shriek from inside grows steadily and the vehicle begins to shake and shudder. The Queen White Spike appears from the container and unfurls to its full length and begins its sequence.

The stunt became the main attraction of the event where the cast of the movie, including Chris Pratt and Yvonne Strahovski, influencers and 1,000 fans that attended the event were not only able to interact but start a conversation on social media.

This inciting event gave a narrative basis to other stunt days in Los Angeles. All of the above is captured onsite and rapidly edited into a “MILITARY COMMUNIQUE” piece of content, paired with the location of the transport and announcing the other series of activations.

Stunt Part Two:

White Spike Sightings in Los Angeles

Coinciding with the movie release on Amazon Prime Video, our military convoy including the street teams made up of actors, a fake news crew and BAs took to the streets, generating organic social content in Southern California’s most iconic and high-traffic locations - Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach.

The invasion was also taking place in Japan and Chile as additional sightings happened around the world, amplifying the jaw-dropping global takeover on social media.

Stunt Part Three:

Huntington Beach 4th of July Parade

As news reports are trickling in that one of the most ferocious White Spikes has been captured, we continue to spread the word of the alliance invasion and recruit fans to join the fight at the Huntington Beach 4th of July festival. The time-honored holiday tradition featured craft and vendor booths, food trucks, beer/wine garden, live entertainment and amusement rides open to the public.

Festival goers can catch the detained White Spike in action and interact in a themed area decorated with props at the Pier Plaza Festival. The Tomorrow War assets were also prominently featured in banners, signage and branded elements. Ultimately, the festival garnered over 200,000 visitors and concluded with an elaborate firework display.

Social Strategy

Faux “News crew” captured the movement of the convoy over the stunt days, generating near-live content for social channels. Users were able to easily generate and share content through the spectacle, photo ops and live theater. In the days following the live stunt, the best footage and reactions are edited and released to the press as a compilation video for the final PR push of the activation.


  • 2022 Ex Awards: "Best Entertainment Activation - Gold Finalist"
  • 2022 District 15 Addy's: "Guerrilla Marketing - Gold"
  • 2022 LA Addy’s: “Guerrilla Marketing - Gold”