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Helping Under Armour Create Its First AI Campaign

Creative Director - Wes Walker

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Helping Under Armour Create Its First AI Video Campaign

Anthony Joshua is determined to be a third time World Champion, and that dream is made today, with the battle in front of him. Wes Walker's innovative new film promotes Under Armour’s just-renewed partnership with heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua, who will have one of the biggest fights of his career against Francis Ngannou in March 2024. The theme of fading, time and sand reflects Johnson’s career & legacy – as does the iconic location of the fight in Saudi Arabia.

To deliver on the desired visual fidelity, we took a mixed media production approach powered by AI – combining AI, CG, and licensed footage.

This project was conceptualized and executed in four weeks, as AI allowed us to move faster than a typical production.  Under Armour and Tool worked closely with Joshua’s team every step of the way to maintain real-time approvals for the work, including approval of the AI generated VO font that Tool created after training on the tonality of Anthony's voice.

The film will debut as part of the announcement that Joshua Anthony has re-upped his partnership with Under Armour.

"Joshua is such a unique, talented fighter that we wanted to create a film as timeless as his abilities. AI offered us a powerful new tool to craft stunning visuals faster than traditional shoots and have limitless iterations to help push our creativity forward. The end result is an epic story, one that speaks to Joshua’s mentality, intense dedication to the sport, and the unique bond between him and Under Armour as a brand."

- Wes Walker, Creative Director

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Creative Agency & Production Company: Tool
Executive Creative Director: Wes Walker
Executive Producer: Dustin Callif
Producer: Jon Kolnoski 
Creative Director & Writer: Adam Koppel
Art Director: Rex Kane-Hart

Post-Production Studio: Abyss Digital
Creative Producer: Shapxo
Post-Producer: Yan Marchenko
Editors: Rex Kane-Hart & Mykyta Bereg
Assistant Editors: Saveliy Zhukov
Colorist: Yerlan Tanaev

AI Team Lead: Rex Kane-Hart
Creative Strategy: Vince Buyssens
Art Director: Aaron Vergult
AI Engineer: Bjarne Desmet

CGI / VFX Studio: Abyss Digital 
Creative Producer Producer: Shapxo
Post Producer: Ryan Marchenko

CGI / VFX Studio: WeAreFx Studio
Art Producer: Alexandr Dys
CGI Artist: Vladyslav Povoroznyk

CGI Simulations, Body Rigging: Buralqy

Music Composition: Pvali
Music Supervision & Orchestration: Louise Woodward
Sound: Concret.Form
Sound Design & Mix: Raphaël Ajuelos
Sound Editor: Kai Scheer

Original Footage (from prior Under Armour Commercials)

Production Company: new-land
Director: Gustav Johansson
DP: Andre Chemetoff

Production Company: Iconoclast Germany
Director: Maik Schuster
DP: Joao de Botelho