Amazon Prime Video – Battle Cars Live

Why The Grand Tour is a global show with gamers all over the world using Twitch. Amazon Prime Video was…

Director - Bobby Louise & Brig

Amazon Prime VideoBattle Cars Live


The Grand Tour is a global show with gamers all over the world using Twitch. Amazon Prime Video was looking to promote season two of The Grand Tour on the world's largest live-streaming gaming community, Twitch.

Tool took a platform-first promotional approach with this event, which was tailor-made to engage the largest live-streaming community of gamers-- young males 18-34 around the world.


Amazon chose Twitch for their platform, as it delivers a highly concentrated and engaged user base for this specific demographic. To create this worldwide interactive gaming experience, we created a life-size game board where different regions, each represented by a Twitch influencer, played against each other.

The project featured two 1-hour live streams, in which a real life version of the classic game Battleship was hosted. Each square of the life-sized game board was rigged with different levels of explosives.

Using live chat and custom overlays, users could join a team and select squares on the grid for destruction. More than 170,000 Twitch users actively participated in the game itself through custom extensions created for the event.

Brig along with Tool's Creative Directors designed this branded entertainment experience specifically for Twitch. This included creative collaboration on the custom-designed segment, script, run of show, technological setup, and logistics.


This work ended up being the largest branded content broadcast (non gaming) of the last two years, with over 3.3 million views. Custom "The Grand Tour" Twitch emoticons (platform specific emojis) were created for the event and were posted by users more than 2.5 million times the week of the event. This campaign succeeded in increasing global exposure for The Grand Tour, with “Battle Cars Live!” netting a 140% increase in average international viewership for live Twitch events.


  • 2018 Clio Entertainment Awards: "Television/Streaming: Partnerships & Collaborations - Gold"
  • 2018 Ex Awards: "Best Esports Activation - Winner"
  • 2018 ADC Awards: "Interactive - Games for Web / Social Media - Single - Merit"
  • 2018 FWA Awards: "FWA of the Day"
  • 2018 District 15 Addy's: "Social Media, Single Execution - Silver"
  • 2018 LA Addy's: "Social Media - Gold"