Urban Decay – Beamin’ Up

Urban Decay Launches First AR Game with Limited Edition Robin Eisenberg Collection Invite Robin Eisenberg’s Alien Baddies into your home…

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Urban DecayBeamin’ Up

Urban Decay Launches First AR Game with Limited Edition Robin Eisenberg Collection

Invite Robin Eisenberg’s Alien Baddies into your home for the holidays, with a new Augmented Reality game made with love, from Tool and Urban Decay.

The AR game launches from Urban Decay’s new hero Naked palette to create an AR experience that blends UD’s packaging with an interplanetary game inspired by the visual style of extraterrestrial illustrator, Robin Eisenberg. 

The Product

From joyful sunsets to celestial stardust, the Naked x Robin Eisenberg palette features new metaversal shades with cosmic color travelers and 12-hour anti-gravity glitters.

The product highlights the collaboration with LA-based artist, Robin Eisenberg as she delivers a stellar take on the collection with her female-empowered characters and illustrations. We integrated a QR code into the packaging to allow for a creative extension of the palette experience using AR. This is a web-based experience that is being promoted through packaging and Sephora retail experiences.  


Players press play to get the good vibes started.

A portal will appear revealing Robin Eisenberg’s galaxy. Spaceships, featuring Alien Baddies, fly out through the portal and hover around the player’s surroundings.

The more good vibes sent and happily received, the more points the player will earn. As a reward, players are able to download a custom generated shareable from Robin Einserberg’s illustrations with the player’s Good Vibe score where they can post on social media.

Global Reach

For a global launch, the experience is accessible to players worldwide.

With a choice between English and Spanish language, Beamin’ Up can immerse players everywhere into Robin Eisenberg’s unique galaxy and promote Urban Decay’s new holiday collection.

Custom Shareables

Based on the player’s score, they will receive a custom shareable from Robin Eisenberg’s illustrations.

The shareables are animated with their score and vibe check. Players can download and share the asset on their favorite social media platform!

Tech Approach

This is a web-based AR experience that is available to a global audience without requiring a download. It was built on the Niantic/8th Wall WebAR platform.

To ensure that the portals, Space Baddies and other elements spawn around the player, we used SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) to track the player's environment and their relation to the camera position. From this, we designed an algorithm that ensures that the portals spawn around the environment/player and maintain the size of the assets in relation to the distance from the player.

The movement in the spaceships is also dynamically generated in code to ensure that it was “hovering” in physical space at different points within the player’s general playing area while avoiding the spaceships from stacking on top of each other. Additionally, we designed an algorithm that will randomize the assets to guarantee even distribution of Space Baddies and Pizza Power-ups.

ComplexCon Interactive Activation 

Urban Decay hosted its second-ever booth at ComplexCon to celebrate the launch of the palette. Featuring a special appearance and live mural painting session by Robin Eisenberg, the Urban Decay booth also incorporated the AR game at the event.

Attendees are able to scan the QR code on the wall to play the AR Game for a chance to win the limited edition palette. Those who share their score on Instagram have a chance to win a free gift bag and a few lucky winners with the "golden ticket" hidden in the bags will receive the palette.

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  • 2022 FWA Awards: "FWA of the Day - Winner"
  • 2023 LA Addy's: "Branded Content & Entertainment for Online/Interactive - Silver"
  • 2023 LA Addy's: "Mobile Interaction - Silver"
  • 2023 LA Addy's: "Augmented Reality - Bronze"
  • 2023 LA Addy's: "Games - Bronze"