Amazon Media Group / Universal – Amazon Jurassic Box Experience

Why Amazon Media Group wanted to do something big and buzz worthy to promote the release of the Universal feature…

Director - Tool Experience

Amazon Media Group / UniversalAmazon Jurassic Box Experience


Amazon Media Group wanted to do something big and buzz worthy to promote the release of the Universal feature film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.


We decided to make some serious noise by building the largest Amazon box ever created and shipping a "65 million year old" dinosaur from Costa Rica to The Grove in Los Angeles.

#AmazonFindsaWay was a fully integrated stunt that was executed in the weeks leading up to the US premiere of the film and immediately prior to its international release.

Tool Experience worked to incorporate the central theme of the film within the overarching story of the stunt via a teaser video.

Drawing from the themes of the film and to build hype for the stunt, we wrote and produced an original teaser, which Amazon and Universal released on their social channels the day prior to the city-wide driving event and featured the tag line, “An Amazon delivery 65 million years in the making, #amazonfindsaway.”

During the live event, the motorcade of over a dozen SUV’s and Jurassic-branded Jeep Wranglers flanked the 40 x 12 foot Box as it made it’s way from the Port of LA past iconic landmarks, with a quick visit to Universal Studios for Steven Spielberg to check out, then finally landing at The Grove.

The Box was designed with audio haptics to deliver a variety of dinosaur sounds in real time. The team from Tool worked with local news and social influencers to deliver real time user-generated content and press from the stunt. In the two days following the drive, the Box mysteriously sat in the highest visibility point within The Grove complex, and it was supervised by brand ambassadors and enjoyed by the public.

The stunt culminated with a live event, produced by Red Rock Entertainment, in which the films stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt participated in a dramatic unboxing of a spectacular dinosaur statue.

Everything was captured, edited and posted on Amazon and Universal’s platforms within a week of following the live event.


The stunt resulted in local, national and international press coverage. The campaign generated over 10 million impressions from several hundred user generated posts, with the highest levels of engagement on Twitter, Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories. This earned media was incremental to the paid media surrounding the campaign by Amazon & Universal.

Highlights included postings from The Big Bag Theory star Kaley Cuoco, iconic LA hot dog stand "Pinks Hot Dogs” and morning news coverage by KTLA.


  • 2018 Marketing Dive: "Campaign of the Year"
  • 2019 Comm Arts Interactive: "Environmental - Winner"
  • 2019 District 15 Addy's: "Out-Of-Home Installation - Gold"
  • 2019 District 15 Addy's: "Event - Gold"
  • 2019 LA Addy's: "Out-Of-Home Installation - Gold"
  • 2019 LA Addy's: "Event - Gold"