goodboybob – Scientists

The best coffee ever, scientifically proven.

Director - Erich Joiner


Erich & Kallman

The best coffee ever, scientifically proven.

This delightfully weird spot from 3x Small Agency Of The Year Erich & Kallman elevates the science of great coffee to an absurdly new level. When a laboratory switches to goodboybob coffee, the researchers declare it to be “the best coffee they’ve ever tasted.” To confirm their findings, they feed a sample to their lab rats—but these aren’t just any rats. Each rodent’s torso contains a different human facial feature—eyes, ears, nose, and of course, a mouth. Mere moments after coffee droplets hit the mouth, it exclaims, “that’s the best coffee I’ve ever tasted.” The offbeat humor only gets funnier with each successive viewing.


  • 2024 District 15 Addy's: "Internet Commercial - Silver"
  • 2024 LA Addy's: "Internet Commercial - Gold"