Under Armour – The Next Brady

Tom Brady’s Letter to the Next Generation

Under ArmourThe Next Brady

Tom Brady's Letter to the Next Generation

In Under Armour’s newest spot directed by Tool’s John X Carey, Morgan Freeman reads a letter from Tom Brady who gives refreshing advice to a new generation of athletes: “Never let them call you the next Tom Brady.”

With hard won wisdom, Brady empowers the next generation of athletes to work hard, avoid comparisons, and strive for individuality as they reach for personal excellence. Intercutting slice-of-life portraits of real high school athletes and an intimate conversation between Freeman and Brady, director Carey accomplishes a mature feat of filmmaking that is both cinematic and inspirational.

“A message to the next generation: you have the power to define your own greatness.”

– John X. Carey, director


  • 2023 Cannes Lions: "Entertainment Lions For Sport - Partnerships with Sports Talent - Bronze"