Tool Mans Up for Miller Lite Campaign via Draftfcb

Tool Director Erich Joiner, in collaboration with Draftfcb, just completed a five-spot Miller Lite campaign, launching an irreverent taste-driven message for the original light beer. In each of the :30s, a man orders a light beer from an attractive female bartender who, upon determining he is oblivious to taste, slides him a bland no-name brew and tells him to come back when he loses whichever ostensibly girlish accessory adorns him.

In Carry-All, for instance, the bartender tells the clueless consumer to return when he ditches his purse, a white shoulder bag that he insists is called a “carry-all.” Skirt stars a man whose short, ruffled skirt exposes his legs, prompting the bartender to suggest he “take off his skirt” when he rejects her offer of a refreshing Miller Lite. “Man up,” a voiceover urges on each spot, “because if you’re drinking a light beer without taste, you’re missing the point of drinking beer.”