iPad “Touching Stories”

Project Overview:

By touching, shaking and turning your iPad, you can navigate, unlock and reveal unexpected variations in each of these four “Touching Stories.” Shot by five different directors—and contained in one single app—these interactive, live-action, short stories evolve storytelling in ways that have never been done before on the iPad.

Watch The Making Of VIdeo:

Touching Stories – Behind The Scenes from Tool of North America on Vimeo.

Get all four interactive films for your iPad:


“All Ends, Ends All” by Erich Joiner + Jason Zada- You wake up in the back of a trunk. How did you get there? Find out in this interactive adventure. Shake your iPad to run from guys shooting at you. Dial different phone numbers in the interactive phone booth. Explore, interact and try to make sense of this bizarre story.

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“The Most Interesting Couple in Britain” by Geordie Stephens - A scene that plays out on a “local” theater stage featuring a married couple who have grown so comfortable and “bored” in their relationship they no longer have anything to say to each other. iPad interactions include menu options where you can view the inner monologue of Stanley, Maureen and “the dog.” And check out the “?” as they link to some unexpected and unusual web pages.

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“Triangle” by Tom Routson - A scene that plays out in a seedy hotel room but most of the action happens through the reflection in a TV screen. As the user you will be able to peel back more layers of the story by how you interact. Search out different elements in the motel room, such as the telephone and door placard to unlock hints, flashbacks and clues.

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“Sarah and Jerry” by Sean Ehringer – A playful take on a few characters in a house, but the twist is they have entered a zone where they are being controlled by the user. Touch the painting on the wall to hear what the portrait has to say, swipe left or right to see a Native American dancing in nothing but pasties or a mini horse dressed up for a rodeo. Think Truman Show, but you are the one pulling the strings.

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Brought To You By Tool of North America and Domani Studios