Experience The World Of South Park In Oculus Rift



In a few short weeks in June of 2014, a small group of superfans at Tool came together and created a unique rendition of South Park. Using Oculus rift technology, users are able to step into the shoes of a citizen taking a stroll around the city.


Technology: Unity, Oculus Rift


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Marissa Meyer Features “Because Futbol” In Keynote Speech!



Marissa Meyer, the CEO of Yahoo!, did a keynote speech on how Tumblr can be a powerful creative canvas for brands. In her speech, she was kind enough to reference a Tumblr project we recently produced with Innocean and Hyundai called “Because Futbol.” This project was mentioned as an example of brands using Tumblr in a creative way.


BecauseFutbol is a carefully curated interactive experience expressly created to enhance the Word Cup for futbol fans. The experience is a powerful example of a trend of brands leveraging Tumblr’s passionate users and API to more organically create and share content within Tumblr and across the web.


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Tool Wins 13 Lions From 24 Shortlisted!



Congratulations to all of the Tool directors and our live action and digital teams for yet another strong showing at Cannes 2014. We won multiple awards across content and cyber categories, showing off our integrated capabilities.


Jason Zada and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne’s “Remote Control Tourist” won 5 Bronze Lions.


Ben Tricklebank and Pereira & O’dell’s Intel “The Power Inside” won 3 Bronze Lions, while his work with BBH NY for Playstation GT6 “First Love” won another Bronze and a Gold for its part in the “Greatness Awaits” Campaign.


Benji Weinstein and DDB Melbourne’s Devondale “Teacher” also won a Bronze Lion.


Meanwhile, Alec Helm’s Water is Life “Bucket List” took Gold for Viral Film and John X. Carey’s “Real Beauty Sketches” won a Creative Effectiveness Lion.


A spherical road trip with WebGL & Google Street View!


Go for a spherical road trip with WebGL and Google Street View! Eco-lapse uses a GLSL fragment shader (via ThreeJS) to apply a stereographic projection to Street View panoramas. It does this to an entire path of Street View images, resulting in a mesmerizing barrage of spherical panoramas.

Technology: Javascript, WebGL, GLSL, ThreeJS, Google Street View, Google Maps



Alma Har’el Directs Airbnb’s First Ever Global Campaign With Pereira & O’Dell!


Titled, “Views,” this campaign takes you on a journey through the eyes of the Airbnb host. From Iceland to Thailand and several countries in between, this 60 second spot is sure to ignite the traveler inside everyone. Learn more about this inspiring campaign that is featured as an Editor’s pick in Creativity!


Take A Look Inside Aramique’s POPPED Wheat Thins Installation!


Interactive Director Aramique take us through a case study of the Wheat Thins Popped installation in Times Square.  From midnight to 8am the team managed to assemble a gigantic art piece filled with 500 balloons.  The real challenge of the installation was designing a mechanism that would pop a balloon every time someone tweeted #PoppedWheatThins.  Watch the short video to see how Aramique and AKQA pulled it off!




Tool Wins 10 Webbys!


Congratulations to the winners!



“The Melbourne Remote Control Tourist”

Directors: Jason Zada and Jason Nickel

Interactive Production: Tool

Interactive Advertising & Media: Social Media Campaign – WINNER!



Dove “Real Beauty Sketches”

Interactive Director: John X. Carey

Interactive Advertising & Media: Integrated Campaigns – WINNER!

Interactive Advertising & Media: Branded Content – WINNER!

Interactive Advertising & Media: Viral Media -WINNER!


Intel “The Power Inside”

Interactive Director: Ben Tricklebank

Interactive Production: Tool

Interactive Advertising and Media: Consumer Electronics & Services – WINNER!

Social: Best Use of Video – WINNER!



Google: “Art, Copy & Code”

Director: Ben Tricklebank

Interactive Production: Tool

Interactive Advertising & Media: Business Products & Services – WINNER!

Web: Corporate Communications – WINNER!




Water Is Life: “4 Yr Old’s Bucket List”Director: Alec Helm
Social: Public Service & Activism – WINNER!


Tool Snaps Up 28 One Show Nominations!






We are so excited to receive 28 One Show nominations! Congrats to Ben Tricklebank, Jason Zada, Erich Joiner, Alec Helm, John X. Carey and Robert Richardson on your nominations!


Tool Welcomes Digital Executive Producer, Chris Neff!






Tool welcomes Chris Neff as Digital Executive Producer.  Neff joins Tool following his role as Director of Interactive Production at 180LA, bringing a wealth of agency experience and understanding to the production side. Managing Partner Dustin Callif is excited to have Chris as he will oversee the company’s digital productions.


Swim through time with Temporalis – a webcam & canvas Chrome Experiment




A slit-scan video filter that distorts time. Developed by Tool Interactive Developer Josh Beckwith.


Technology: Canvas, WebRTC, Javascript.

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